Шампунь из мыла - Страна Мам

Shampoo From Soap

Barriers! If anyone has a positive experience in this case, please share! Most of all, I'm concerned about the time of accustomed, soap washed five times, and so far my head's not completely washed up, covered in some kind of filth. I was sining at first that I had a tough water (krains and souls are fast covered by a white cage), but today I swallowed my hair with filthy water, and not so much again. After a recently raised champoo and lauryl sodium sulphate in them, which is so aggressively affecting the skin of the head that it begins to produce an increased amount of salad for protection, I categorically do not want to use it. And I just had a chance to make sure that I had a fat leather on the T-zone, I was always washing in the morning and the night for a helmet to wash, and during the ICP, I had to wash out a little bit of a day... And I recently washed my hair in the bathroom toilet soap and the lane behind the helmet for my face, and I thought it would not be a bad thing to wash my face once. I washed, as they say, and I forgot. I'll spend the night on my skin with my hand and I won't know what it is, some strange feeling. Turns out the skin was the same as the morning. I also remembered that I've never been spooked in a day. I ran first to read the composition of the gel for the face, the malicious sodium lauryl sulphate was 2nd place, immediately after the water (as in most of the shampoos). It's been a few days, washing around one night with that soap instead of the usual two to three times a day, and I've got enough. I'd like to move on to things like that for my head's skin, but something's not gonna work out.
P.S. amateurs of chastizing "bushroom methods", calling on those who didn't slide well on "Lux" by the poor, etc. I'm asking you to pass. My skin and hair are given to me once and for all my life, so I'm trying to lower them with any chimia, and those who can help the case, thank you in advance.