Домашние скрабы для лица

Home Slush For Face

whose prescriptions have ever been published in my blog. Most of these domestic scrubs are made of simple and accessible components, are checked in person and detailed with the regulations on their manufacture and use. The page is constantly updated and is being supplemented by new prescriptions for domestic scrubs.

Scrab is a heating agent using abrasives ( sugar, salt, grind nuts, coffee, glyna) for deep skin treatment. Home scrub is just necessary to care for fat, jackass, knocked, wrinkled and troubled skin. He opens the skin, removes the inferiority, woes, improves the color of the face, with oxygen.

  • The scrab wears a humid or dissolved face, gently massage through the fingertips. Then they leave for a few minutes on the skin and they swap warm water.
  • They wear a wet cream.
  • With fat and normal skin, scrub makes 1-2 times a week, dry not more than once a week.

House slush for a person and body can be easily cooked in a home setting. It's one of my favorites. Domestic cosmetics♪ I like not only the use of house scrubs, but also the cooking. It's a very fascinating and interesting process, I'd say, creative.

The scrubs are contrasted to thin and very sensitive skin, with severe skin diseases, open face wounds and allergies on the scrub components.