Гель-шампунь для малышей Neways Generations - «Самый безопасный

The Safest Shampoo

Как выбрать детский шампунь?Water procedures are healthy for babies, help them calm down and have a strong emotional connection with their parents. However, in order for the bathing to give children only joy, the process must be dealt with responsibly. It's worth a tiny one to fear or feel inconvenience, and for many days or even months, the bathing will be accompanied by scream and crying. To avoid this, the temperature of the water must be carefully monitored, the child should be comfortable, sustainable in the bathtub and, of course, the right choice of child shampoo.

For the smallest

Children in the first months of life have an acid film that will protect skin at older ages, but it is still emerging, which means harmful substances, microbes and bacteria are much easier to enter, causing various problems, from allergies to irritation.

Therefore, in contrast to the " adult " champoos, which focus on the removal of the excess leather and are often supplemented by air-conditioning additives, other requirements are put forward for infants. They must moisture, feed skin, contain anti-inflammatory components and stimulate the development of hairy bulbs.

However, even the softest child shampoos should not be used more than once or twice a week. Excessive removal from the skin of the infant of the protective fat layer leads to its drying and the emergence of seborary crusts. In order to avoid this problem, sensitive skin babies are encouraged to use brushes and beds for children that provide soft massage, improve hair growth, help children relax.

Как выбрать детский шампунь? Как выбрать детский шампунь?

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