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House Shampoo

domashnii-shampunHousehold shampoo tends to include a safe framework, such as natural soap, as well as oil, plant ingredients, cleaned water, etc. It does not contain conservatives, painters and synthetic aromatizers. Such a tool for washing hair will effectively feed and clean their hair, give them life force.

Attention: Air oils should not be added if you're pregnant, as well as in children's shampoos.

If your hair is dry, add olive butter to the champoo, avocado butter, burner (10 ml) to 250 ml of the soap base. If you're the bearer of light hair, then you won't add 30 ml to the champoo. It will create gold in the hair after washing. In order to increase the useful life of a household product, add a 30-cape of vitamin E or 30 drip of grapefruit seeds.

Olive shampoo is a prescription.

You will need 0, 5 glass of thermal olive soap; 400 ml of purified water; 2 table spoons of vegetable glycerin; 2 table spoons of olive oil and any air oil.

Get the water to the boiling, add the thermal soap, move it to total dissolvement. When you get a homogeneous mixture, turn off the stove, then add the butter, glycerine, and then you'll have it all thoroughly mixed up. After we cool down, add any air oil 1 to 2 drops. Instead of water, you can use rumbs, green tea. In addition, olive oil can be replaced by coconut almonds, butter of arc depending on the type of hair.shampun-iz-zelenoi-glini Ready shampoo, put it in the bow, in 24 hours, if the density is good for you, put it in the bottle, or bring it to the right consistance with purified water. The density depends largely on the type of soap you use. Also read about domestic liquid soap.

The honey shampoo, you're gonna need a honey cup of 1 cup, 1 cup of soap (olive green) and 1 glass of olive oil to make it.

Preparing: Dump the soap on the water bath with the addition of water until the uniform mass is reached. After that, remove the composition from the fire, add the copper and the oil, mix it carefully. After cooling, put the shampoo in the glass dishes. Your shampoo is ready!