Салициловый пилинг для лица в домашних условиях и салоне: отзывы

Sailing At Home

Девушке наносят косметическое средство на лицоAcetylacelic acid has amazing properties. It helps to improve cell regeneration, contributes to purification and rejuvenation. The component is included in most of the heated rash. Sálicilic acid in cosmetology is often the main ingredient in caring for a person.

Sailing Piling is what it is.

Defensive pyling with salicylic acid - It's a salon procedure that facilitates the obsolescence of dead cells. It uses special care facilities that:

  • Improve regeneration;
  • Dry;
  • Reduce redundancy;
  • Stop inflammatory processes;
  • slow down the age ageing.

Sailing piling is testimony.

Generally, services are recommended for skin problems. For example, a cosmetologist can give you a course of this procedure at the acne. However, this is not the only case where the salician mask can become a great helper in solving problems. Many of the feedback points to a successful response to the effects of sunburn burns, pigments and other deficiencies.

Salicial pyling:

  • Acne 1-2 of gravity;
  • Age change, vulture, photosage;
  • Seborary dermatitis;
  • Age Pigmentation;
  • black points;
  • problem leather inclined to fat, heated rash;
  • Postage;
  • Active hyperqueratos;
  • Follicoliths;
  • skin cutting (including on blades, knees).

You can't do pyling:

  • With fresh sun burns or sunshine;
  • inflammation, damage;
  • individual inability of components;
  • hypersensitive;
  • Acute Herpes;
  • Chronic dermatos;
  • Hyperkeratose;
  • hyperpygmentation;
  • dermatite;
  • When taking glichemical drugs;
  • during pregnancy, breast feeding.

Sailing piling in the salon

To make a salicial pyling in the salon, there will be no need for preparatory procedures other than skin purification. A specialist will carry a salicile paste or a solution to the plots being processed and leave it for a while. Period is selected individually, depending on the concentration of the means. Then the cosmetologist neutralizes the acid, smashes the skin with cream or serum.

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