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Piling Mask

Many of us have undergone a chemical skin pyling procedure. It is no secret that, despite being of sufficient efficiency, this procedure requires some time to recover the skin. For a modern woman, such an approach is unacceptable - we must be sure that by leaving the cosmetologist's office, we will look " all 100 " .

Biologique Recherche specialists have established an effective and yet perpetual procedure - pyling skin fruit acid. Such care is good in listening to the threshold cells, moistures and skins, reduces the depth of the wrinkles and completely exposes small wrinkles.

In addition, the piling of fruit acids successfully eliminates some inferiority on the skin surface (e.g. postcane shirts). This procedure is particularly recommended for those who have hyperkeratosis (slow epidermis obsolescence), pygmental stains, hyperpygmentation, that is, when a clearly expressed out-of-action is necessary.

The procedure for treating fruit acids includes several phases: after pre-training (purification and lymphodretic massage) the mask with fruitic acids Masque aux Acides de Fruits. It consists of a specially selected combination of fruit acids and a restored natural wet factor. After the leather procedure, it'll look barhatist, its relay will be flat, and the extended layers will narrow.

Piling fruit acid has no anti-indications and no unpleasant feelings. Most importantly, the skin is recovering very quickly. So you can make a makeup and do your planned business as soon as you get out of the cosmetologist's office.