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Acid Pilings

What is considered cosmetic skin defects? These are usually black spots, comedy, pigment stains and the effects of a warm rash, as well as age changes in leather cover, wrinkles. Contemporary cosmetology to combat and eliminate all these phenomena can offer a mass of effective cosmetics: snorting, cream, helium, serum, masks, etc. In the salons of beauty and cosmetological rooms, you will be offered all sorts of procedures that can not only heal, but also rejuvenate your face's skin. But some of these promising procedures can be implemented in the home. Like acid pyling.

What is acid pyling?

Other ancient Egyptians used different acid properties to rejuvenate. They processed their skin with low-concentrated acid solutions to remove the dead cells and to clean the porcards of their fat and dirt. Hundreds of years later, we continue to use them as a tool to fight the swords and acne, fat skin problems, pigments, wrinkles and skins.

Of the variety of acid leather exposure techniques (chemical) is the safest, with little anti-indication and quick impact. The operation of the procedure is, of course, superficial, so it is possible that with deep pollution and acid dusts pyling at home I can't do it.

There is no need for special skin care after this procedure. It is recommended that the skin not be exposed to ultraviolet and that retreading be used.


The procedure is carried out with fruit acid and several types of chemical reagents. This diversity is due to the fact that each individual needs a separate approach when caring for skin. Problems can be different in nature, varying intensity, and there may be individual inability.

Фитиновая кислотаFitin acid

The following acids are used for chemical pyling:

  • Fitinum,
  • Koyev,
  • Azelain,
  • Retail,
  • Sailive,
  • Trichloroux
  • Benzona,
  • Glikole.

The acid pyling methods are divided into two types:

  • Multi-acid - multiple components are used during the procedure
  • One acid is using some kind of acid during the pyling.
  • Also, acid pylings differ in the depth of penetration into skinheads:
  • Supernatural
  • Mediterranean
  • Deep