Уход за лицом в домашних условиях (кремы, маски, скрабы, пилинги и

Dry Skin Piling

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Piling is important and necessary, but we usually talk about it in the context of cleaning a person or body. The pyling of the head's skin is no less important to the growth of the hair, and even vice versa, because there remain not only the horn cells, but also the chees, fat, and residues of cosmetics.

Head pyling benefit

The head piling improves blood flow, regenerates and stimulates hair growth. And regular purification prevents the sebor and perhome, removes the potion, normalizes the work of the gland and, to some extent, is the Light Massage. Especially good. Peeling for fat skin Head.

The procedure of mechanical or chemical piling can be done in the salon by various gel and deep-steering shampoos - such care lines are offered by Wella, Schwarzkopf Professional, Paul Mitchell, Kerastase, Dikson, etc. You can save it and do it yourself.

Head piling at home

Moderately, but the sea salt of the middle prayer is effectively scratched. It is desirable that salt be not dry, but water soaked to potassium condition. It is possible to be applied once a week, both on dry and wet hair (primarily dirty), and if the effect is softer, a kefier, yogurt or air oil can be added. You can also combine salt with weed pans to 100% protect yourself from leather transfusion.

Leave the mask for half an hour, then clean your head up. After 3-4 applications, hair will be slower. But no more than two months is recommended to "balance."

Black bread (wishly not fresh) can be not only a great pyling, but also a distinct dry shampoo that absorbs all the dirt, so you don't even shampoo after bread.

Aromatic oils may be bragging, the most effective is castor oil, but the laundry, mint, yellow and tea tree will come. The easy effects of the pylings are on the forehead and egg masks for the hair.