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Domestic Piling

The body scrab is attached to purified and dissolved skin, so the pores will be open to the maximum dose of the useful substances. If you don't scrub on dry skin, you'll hurt her. It's important to pyling leather downwards: start with a light round leg massage (scrub zone 2-3 minutes), then move towards the neck. You can have a pyling with a special barrage or just your hands. When you encroach every zone, leave the scrub on the body for a few minutes, then replace the residues of warm water without using a shower gel.скраб joko blend After the pyling, you'll have to carry a wet or nutrient cream (sloth, oil): it will protect the skin from the intersection and increase the intake of the useful cremate.

Important points

1. You shouldn't use scrub every day, or your leather will be whispered and strangled. They'll use 1-2 times a week. If the scrub contains the smallest silky parts, you can use it up to three times a week.

2. Take the procedure tonight. After heeding, your skin is more vulnerable, so it's important to give her some time to regenerate. It'll be enough time till morning.

3. Scrub for your skin type. If she's dry, a tender scrub is your option, if fat, you can choose a scrub that contains larger abrasion parts.

4. Also, when the scrub is used, don't forget seasonality: summer leather needs to be upgraded more frequently than winter.