пилинг в домашних условиях - как его правильно делать

Domestic Pilling

It's a great gift for both a loved one and a close man. Or a work colleague. ♪ The value of the calibre is 2,599 rubles.
Orifleim's skin purification equipment is a novel from Orifleim's company that was designed for deep skin treatment.

Skin Pro's leather purification device is a new generation machine that you can effectively clean your face out of pollution as much as in the expensive salon.

The new Orifleim machine will help you make a deep pilling.

Total household

Skin purification is the most important step in care. Cleaning needs to be done to make your skin always perfect.

Young leather suffers very often from dust, heat and black spots, but often women and mature age also face this problem, so skin cleansing is not a very important procedure.

Clear the face in the morning and in the evening before the day or night cream. For the beauty and youth of your skin, a complete purification of the skin of your face is necessary every day.

The glands of our skin have the properties of producing a large number of leather salads, which begins to bury pork and create black spots. A sufficiently effective method of rapid purification of a person and there is a new apparatus to purify the skin of Skin Pro.

What is the effect of Skin Pro:

- noticeable damage

Improving skin structure

skin tone is significantly equalized

- skin's getting fresher.

How to use Skin Pro from Orifleum:

- pick a suitable set and put it on the machine.

- a little wet with warm water.

- carry any cleaning device on the skin

- round motions purify the body of the face within 1 minute

- Good to wash warm water and clean the cleaning device carefully.

Which is part of the Skin Pro kit:

- brushing for normal and sensitive skin (2 grand)