Крем от целлюлита с мумие: рецепт с маслами, кофе, отзывы

Domestic Pulp Cream

Kak izbavitsja ot celljulita v domashnih uslovijahCellulites are an unfortunate problem that ruins the lives of many women. How to get rid of pulp in household? There are a number of effective measures to accelerate the spread of orange crust on our side.

Reasons for orange crust

Cellulites appear as a result of a breach of the lemph flux, as well as a change in the hormonal background during certain periods of women ' s life. Sometimes the problem arises at a young age, which may indicate genetic predisposition.

It is hardly worth recalling that a major contribution to the formation of pulp-booms is incorrect food, with a predominance of fat, sweet, copier and salt products. Pulp is considered to be favoured by harmful bias: smoking, excessive use of coffee, etc.

It's hard to win pulp in the home, but it's possible. The following measures should be used:
♪ Rational nutrition plan
♪ Anticellulose laundry
♪ Anti-cellulite baths
♪ Anti-cellulose servitudes
• Massage of problem zones (classical, vacuum)
♪ Prepared anti-celling equipment
♪ Physical exercises

Cellular Diet

First of all, there is no special anti-cellulite diet in nature. In order to deal with the problem, the usual food plan should be reviewed and harmful products removed. This category includes fats of animal origin, combids, sausage products, spices, salts, marinadas, sweets, soaked, fastfud.

It is essential to correctly assess the optimal calorie (in this context, special formulas can be used). Instead of black tea and coffee, it is recommended that welds (stories) be drinking with urinary and hygienic effects. A good result shows the stalemate of the fruits of a whipster rich in a known antioxidant, vitamin C. Vegetables, fruits, berries, non-fish white products must be present in the diet. We need to eat a lot and a little bit.

Anticellulose laundry

Don't expect anti-cellulose laundry to be free of the problem without other methods, it only stimulates the destruction of fat burners.

The trail consists of latex or neoperne, which creates a sauna effect. Some models are equipped with massage layers that help to accelerate blood flow and stimulate fat incineration. The impact can be estimated in about two months.

Anti-cellulose cosmetics

Today, the shelves of the shops are filled with all sorts of anti-celling. As in the case of thermobel, no full effect should be expected unless the cosmetics are supplemented by other measures.