Рецепты натуральной косметики ручной работы

Domestic Cosmetics

Tonne cream + wet cream = BB-crim

This is even a professional visual! The perfect BB-cream you can do yourself by mixing a tight tone with a wet cream that used to use and thinks it's perfect for yourself. So you're gonna get a light and not too tight coating, and the skin gets the necessary humidity.

Pomada + ton = liquid rubber

We are often offered to wear lipsticks directly from the tic to achieve perfect harmony between lips and cheek. But there's a better way to mix a little lipstick (may be careful to cut a slice straight from a tic) with a thin crem. Put your wrist on the snacks: these liquids are not only produced very naturally, but also kept all day, much better than scattered analogs.

Shadows for a century + lip bals = tint

The shadows for a century of suitable shades may be useful for you to create a tin or lip lip lip lip lip lip lip lip lip lip lip lip lipstick, and no one will have one! How do you make a cosmetics at home? Pink, maline, syrene, and even golden shadows, mix with lip balsam, the intensity of the shade, adjust depending on the number of shadows, and your tying is ready. It's important to choose a good humidizing balm because the shadows are still slightly drying their lips. If you need a more greasy coating, you can use a transparent lip gloss instead of a balm!

Brown shadows + lip blemish = eyebrow dye

It's not a secret that the eyebrows are very comfortable to paint with brown mats, but their scattered texture doesn't give a good persistence. There's a way out and very simple! Put a little lip balm in the shadows. It will provide the necessary fatal basis to allow the shadows to stay longer. Give me the perfect eyebrows!

Armoured carcase + chimmer = bleed carcase

There's lots of brands in the worm worms, but is there any point in buying that product if it's only for the party? It's easier to do it yourself-- you must have chimmer or gold shadows, put them in the old carcase and mix them right in the tube. If the carcase has already been thicken, add a few drops of the lotion for the demacia of the age: they tend to have a oil base that does not change the composition of the carcase. Professional Domestic cosmetics Ready!

приготовление косметики в домашних условиях

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