Рецепты натуральной косметики моей бабушки

Natural Cosmetics

Domestic cosmetics are health and shining beauty.
Every day's change in cosmetics is just striking! They come out every year in series and are almost identically used among women and men.
But sooner or later, any man using cosmetics will have a logical question - how useful it is, will there be more harm to the organism? Today, compared to the past, all the media are holding similar discussions.
Gradually in the mind of a healthy man comes the thought-- not everything science has done is useful. And the first place in this virtual rating is cosmetics.
In a direct sense, people are the victims of the desire for beauty. It is because of this state of affairs that the popularity begins to recruit a natural cosmetics, the one made by its own hands.
General components of natural production:
Air and basic oils;
Natural plant emulsions;
Natural fruit, grass and flower waters;
Active plant additives of state-of-the-art technologies confirmed by the patent;
different active components (e.g. proteins, collagine, hyalulonic acid, elastin, plant extracts, etc.)
The main features of domestic cosmetics and their benefits:
Naturality (with almost no conservatives, acidity regulators, stabilizers, blowers);
Individual selection of components, similar replacement for allergies;
Normally without side effects when used;
A short period of storage (from a few days to a couple of weeks), which guarantees freshness and preservation;
I'm sure you'll have to take only a stick or a shovel, but not your hands!
Now, we'll answer the request for " cosmetics with our hands of prescriptions " . The councils for her preparation and the ways are many. It's important to examine the characteristics of the constituents and to find out if they're appropriate to the skin type, whether they're allergic to them, so they don't get into trouble after use.

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