Натуральная косметика на основе морских водорослей и термальных

Natural Algae Cosmetics

SPA-косметика АЛЬГАНИКАIntegrated programmes based on drilled algae, treatable dirt, various kinds of glin. We offer your attention a large selection of servitudes, scrubs, massage oils, creams and contour gels.

A programme of 24 marine facilities for use in beauty salons.

A line of 10 helmet algomas for professional procedures in the beauty salon. Personal masks and bodies are based on alginate gel, consumables, can be used without water washing

Water and oiled extracts of brown algae, laminaria and fucus. Perfectly suitable for massage, burthing, sniffing and other cosmetics.8 водорослей - линия профессиональных средств для лица Anti-cellulose tonics with algae and dirt components can be applied at different stages of the spa-procedure

13 magnificent tools for chocolate-water fertilization in your beauty salon. Chocolate, cinnamon and coffee make relaxes

Modelling, anti-cellulite algae for the body. Wet, refreshing and anti-aged helium with aloe faith and algae extras for the face. Contact gel for hardware. Wide choice of crems in a professional package.

13 scrubbers of varying intensity for the person and body.

SPA-ALGANICA programmewhich has been recognized by the cosmetologists of Russia, includes 119 effective means for the person and body on the basis of bourgeois, red and green sea algae, treatable dirts, cocoa products, various kinds of clay (both inhabitant, white, pink and green). All funds complement each other and enable the effective implementation of cosmetic procedures at a professional level.

Гелевые альгинатные маски - удобно, экономично, эффективно Водорослевые масла, экстракты и тоники Шоколадная линейка Гели и кремы термического, охлаждающего, нейтрального воздействия