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Environmentally sound products:

Our web-based cleaner product stores supply and distribute environmentally sound products to the home of leading European producers: Ecower (Ecover), AlmaWin (AlmaWin), etc. All cleaning materials and cleaning materials have a natural organic basis, no chemicals and petrochemical ingredients.

A natural English cosmetics of faith in nature, natural shampoo without paraben, natural soap.

Faith Products Ltd is one of the most well-known and authoritative companies in England that develop and produce natural hygiene, cosmetics and safe human health and environment-friendly home-care facilities.

The company founded in 1972 by the Rivka Rose aromatrapist travelled from a small domestic laboratory for the production of natural resources for hair and skin care, to a huge production complex of 18,000 square metres, with its scientific unit to find innovative solutions for the production of natural goods. To date, the company ' s products are one of the most demanded products in the market in England because of the excellent quality and large range of natural champoons, free from sodium paraben and sodium sulphate, natural shower helium, natural cosmetics, natural soap, etc.

Environmental benefits:

The company ' s products are:

A sign of the British BUAV Tribute,
for the protection of animals and for the abolition of any
Animal experience.

A certificate guaranteeing organic ingredients.

Vegan Society Certifier
Vegan Society (Vegan Society).

The product line "faith in nature" includes:

Natural hair shampoosfree from sodium parabenes and sulphates, with air oils and plants ' extracts:

State registration number RU 67 CO 01 001 E 000495 03 11

natural shampoo for dark hair, Chocolate, 250 ml.

Natural air conditioners for hair without paraben, air oils and plants ' extras:

registration number RU 67 CO 01 001 E 000492 03 11

Natural helium for the soul without paraben, with air oils and plants ' extras:

State registration number RU 67 CO 01 001 E 000491 03 11

Natural cosmetics on an organic basis:
registration number RU 67 CO 01 001 E 001042 04 11

State registration number RU 67 CO 01 001 E 001044 04 11

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