Натуральная косметика своими руками для кожи лица и тела |

Natural Skin Cosmetics

In winter, our skin becomes the most sensitive, responding to the cold and wind. Its appearance deteriorates: the dryness rises to silos. But I want to have the perfect skin of my face, it's velvet, with the same color and narrow times. How do you do that?

The clay masks purify the skin perfectly and narrow the pores. Photo: thinkstockphotos.com

They also purify the skin and narrow the gly masks. But if you have dry skin, don't keep that mask until you're dry.

By the way, if you've got flares on your skin, you'll cover them with a technique like this: drip a few drops of Visina (or other eye drops filming red) on the shuttle disc and put it on the refrigerator for five minutes and then put it on the depressed section for two to three minutes. Red's gonna go away, and the skin will calm down. The same effect will be the aspirin tablet, dripped water.


It is felt that the cold should not use humidifiable means, as after the freeze, the equipment freezes and damages the skin. That's not true. Another question, if you made hydrates just before you went outside, then the cream won't be able to absorb and refrigerate through active evaporation. Wet creams should be carried an hour or two before leaving the house. Active cold humidity is required for all skin types, including fat.

In order to restore the natural protective layer of epidermis, the best use is natural oils, which include unsolved fat acids. For dry skin, tight cocoa oils or caritas will be more suitable. For normal, corn, olive, brown or pepper oil. Fat leather users are not recommended to use pure oil, but rather to stop the choice on the oil emulsion.

Wetting the skin will be helped by weeds: Roma, Kalendules, pears, bereses, leps. Mobile moistures are also masks that are easily prepared household