Натуральная косметика для волос: видео-инструкция по выбору своими

Natural Hair Cosmetics

Prospected in practice masks from natural ingredients that will help make the hair straight and stop their fall.

Flap mask for hair

Laugh on the cafeteria spoon and fresh juice of the bulb (without meacothy) on the tea spoon of alcohol Crandules, cognac, honey And add egg yellow. Put the bleed on the roots of the hair, clean the head, put on a pulphate hat and lipstick on top of the towel (in the heat of the ingredients of this very effective home mask from the fall of the hair will be much better). In an hour and a half, clean your head like usual. Make a mask every five to seven days, for preventive purposes, every 7 to 14 days. In order to enhance the effect, a toothbrush can be added to the garlic cushion. The hair mask is effective even if it's very strong. Its main flaw is a specific smell (it can stay long enough, especially if the bow juice is not well healed). Remove the bulb from the hair can be polished after the washing of a fruit ox or lemon juice, and using a special aromatized hair spray.

Bear hair mask

Divorce the warm milk of 30-50 beasts (not dry, but live ones, pressed) to a very thick potato condition. Leave it in a warm place for 30-40 minutes. Add egg yellow, the tea spoon of honey and cognac. Put the blade on your hair and your head skin. Put on a pulp hat, turn your head around with a towel. Holding this house mask from falling hair takes at least an hour (and two more) and then washing your head as usual. If the hair falls sharply, the breeze mask can be done before each wash (but not more than 2-3 days).

Hot mask

It improves the blood circulation in the head skin, buoys with sleeping hair follicula, feeds well and strengthens the hair itself. Open the hot water with two dry table spoons The potato powder, Add egg yellow, two table spoons of olive oil (also you can take pastor, relay, etc.), 1-2 honey tea spoons. Take the mid-pointed combustible hair mask, hold at least 15 minutes (in the ideal 45-30 minutes). Do it every 7-10 days.

This house mask against hair is especially recommended for fat hair, for the sensitive skin of the head, it may not come. Also don't use it in damaged or irritated skin. If your hair is dry, you add more butter, you can also pre-maritalize the butter of their tips. If a mask with a mustard burns hard, keep it smaller, it can also be added less copper than it is, the more it works.