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Natural Hairstock

Today we are talking about a natural alternative to silicones, without which traditional hair cosmetics cannot be used.

Tatiana Lebedeva, LookBio (T.L.): I'll ask you a difficult question: natural and organic means for hair, especially balsams and masks, without silicones, are not so effective and efficient. You think it's a problem point. Natural Space?

Kirsten Heuttner, Ekosmetika (C.H.): Of course, there has been an increasingly effective natural replacement of silicones in recent years, but they are more expensive and require a high degree of professional knowledge and skills from chemical technology technologies that create cosmetic formulas. But you can and should try innovative products. The " old natural shampoo " , " new natural shampoo " , can even be distinguished. Experts known for their effective decisions include Logona and Melvita.

T.L.: It is important to say that when the silicone shampoo and air conditioner are switched natural, it is not possible to draw conclusions after first use.

K.H.: Yeah, the first three washings of your head, you'll be washing silicons in your hair. Usually recommend conclusions after three weeks of application. To get more advice on the " transition phase " , please come over here.

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