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Natural Scrub For Face

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You want a fresh and beautiful face? Find out how quickly and naturally clean the skin to look 100!

1. Start with a face smashing a tool that suits your skin type.

2. Process the face of orange crust, it sounds really weird, but it'll give the skin a natural glacier. You freeze orange crusts in hot water for about 10 minutes and then wipe the white face of the skin.

3. Try the next one. If your skin is red, it's not stained, and your eyes swelled, it can help black tea. Take a bow of hot water and make it 1-3 bag of black tea. When the tea becomes dark, clean it up and then swallow warm water. For further effects, put the tea bags on your eyes for 5-10 minutes. It'll reduce the strength and make your skin shiny.

4. Do it. natural scrub for faceto get rid of the dust if you have it. Smash the soda with the water in the mice to the grazing consistance, then strip the skin and leave it for two to four minutes, see the cool water and dry your face. It distracts the old skin cells and kills the bacteria that makes the jumps.