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Natural Cream

It's hard to imagine a modern woman without using cosmetics. Granny magazines, television, the internet has been deeply choked into our head that without an ideally flat tone, stained eyes, bromines and lipsticks even out of the house, it's really embarrassing... And millions of women getting up in the morning, spending their precious time not for full breakfast or charging, but for matching some unspoken dress code. Well... the fashion goes through, and I think we'll soon be back to absolute simplicity and naturality.

Read this little essay on women's beauty:

Unstained women. There are more. In the world. In Russia. Moscow. In the regions.

This isn't some kind of trend to get out of a crowd of painted. It's a conscious choice.

Less makeup. Only the most necessary. Sometimes eyes. Sometimes the emphasis on lips. Beautiful in nature. Funny. Don't hide anything under the layer. decoration cosmeticsand show what's real. Openness, like a basic message. “I am exactly like this for myself and I will be exactly the same for you." There's no magical stuff and imagination.

What are they doing if there's something bigger than an appearance?

That's what many women think. It's not even a war of a world of painted vs of a world of undetected, it's just one of the decisions. Ops. Like gins with ceds or black dress. I can wear it and not take it anymore, but I can pick something else. I can go back to it or stay with it forever. I can change my mind. Freedom. From the word " unrestricted " .

But a strange story is that freedom pisses everyone off. She's literally hated. Because it is destroying the most unspoken rule of the female world: we want to be deceived. McAge won't make you Sherlise Teron, but he'll make you "look like." Somewhere inside the self-defense, you'll be more beautiful and similar to the one that's accepted to be here and now. The magic is a claim you're showing. And this claim cannot be denied.

Apriri's painted woman is more beautiful than she is. Axioma. What's the point?

In Russia, this is particularly difficult. The right of our women to aggressive makeup is almost instinct. You can always take a cosmetics and be better than you are. Although there's really not much to change and everything around here understands and sees it, but we've already said, "when painted, always more beautiful!" It's game rules.