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Natural Plant

“5 active principles of the Yves Roche plant

Develop all plant-based tools.

Active extracts, effective formulas... Remote cosmetics are a profession. Iv Roche's profession. The plant lives in the heart of all the Eve Roche cosmetics. This is our exclusive credo for 50 years.

Eve Roche is a plant maker, not a proponent of dogma. Only if the quality and safety of the product depends on it for the customers, Iv Roche ' s researchers allow themselves to use synthetic ingredients. This is more so for conservatives: if they are available in the means and necessary to guarantee the preservation of the formula, the content of conservatives is always minimal.

Our product does not contain components of animal origin. Collagen is replaced by plant polyosids from the Senegalese acquis and synthetics Solar filters - Mangiferin from the afloi - the Madagascar plant. To preserve the purity of plant ingredients, preference is always given to natural extraction without the use of chemical solvents.

Several facts. Of the 1,100 different components of vegetation origin studied in our laboratories, we choose the most suitable for cosmetic production and determine their necessary concentration. Since 1959, Iv Roche has received more than 50 patents. Every year, our scientists develop more than 30 new active plant compositions and components.

Use the wealth of the plant.

Yves Roche is studying the nerd and the special properties of plants to incorporate the best in the cosmetic formula.
20 teams of researchers of different professions open, develop and produce plant-based active formula components and effective textures.
The building world is the richest and extraordinary palette of shades.
The plant is the source of emotion: they are born in contact with the best plant esspence is a source of unique inspiration.
The plant is a source of pleasure: it's taste, color, aromat...

Ethnobotanical expeditions by Yves Roche explore the potential of the vegetation world by opening up new cosmetics of plants.

Safe and quality assurance is unequivocal.

The plant is a living organism. The more we know about him, the better we can control him. Each plant component is tested for safety without compromise. The infinite effectiveness of each formula is then confirmed. Only if these conditions are met, the formula can be produced in the Yves Roche factories, which have already been certified on three occasions by the Security Council and the Environment Council.