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In Moscow, an exhibition of innovations in cosmetology has just ended, with the latest developments in the research and control of ageing and the development of new multi-valent cosmetics. There are ways to make the cosmetics even more natural, cleaning the blue... ♪
Ageing factors and methods
Today, modern medicine and cosmetics offer us many solutions to combat age change, fall hair, neurogenic inflammation and other problems. One of the most effective and, most importantly, safe methods is synthetic peptide. ♪
The most relevant area in today ' s cosmetics is highly active protein substances with a wide range of therapeutic activity, directly related to molecular weight and amonolic composition of the substance. Peptides are highly active low-molecular protein substances, capable of... ♪
NanoLipid Restore CLRTM is a liquid compassion containing the oil of black smorid seeds in a restructured host (NLCTM). Black Smorid seed oil is rich in indispensable fat acids, such as Omega-3 and Omega-6.
Some tools are needed to make houses cosmetics, be they cream, scrub, shampoo, lipstick or shadow for age. You'll probably be able to find some of this in your kitchen, and something'll have to be bought separately. The most basic tools are: 1. Box 2. weighing receptacle 3. L...
Individual cream process or at home It's not much more difficult to make a mayonose. Any cream is made on the basis of emulsion. Emulsions based on cream are different. We'll look at the simplest of performance and the kind of e.... ♪
The creation of a cremated cream with its hands at first glance may seem extremely difficult. But if you work it out and practice a little, it'll be easier than at first sight! Any cream consists of: 1. Woman Phase 2. Water Phase 3. 4.Activative components 5.