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Eye Cream

желатин для лицаSkin ageing is caused by the destruction of collagine fibres responsible for smoothness and elasticity. Cosmetologists spend a lot of time and resources in developing all possible ways of " feeding " , including in special injections, and in classic creams. And people's medicine offers to use gelatin for a person as a great natural source of collagina, it has a beneficial effect on the condition of the fascinating and losing skin tone.

The " Health Constructor " synthesizes whether the desired is indeed an effective default. Interesting in the article:
- more than gelatin for the skin;
- masks with a person ' s wish;
- how to make a home-grown gelatin cream to rejuvenate a person;
- I want milk.

Identity for face

The common digest can bring more benefits than once than the ready cosmetic and pharmaceutical products, which include collagine. The fact is that the molecules of the collagina, which is part of the restraining creams, are too large to penetrate deeply into the skin. They can only form a film on its surface, which will protect the skin cells from excess humidity loss. But the condition of collagine fibres in the skin structure does not affect or save them from destruction.

The molecules of the collagina are presented in blatant form, so it is better “injected” with skin. The same principle is based on the application of the wish for nails. Of course, wiping out all age changes in two weeks of desirable masks will not help but slowing skin ageing with their help is good. It is not only for mature ladies, but also for young women, who only begin to show their first wrinkles. It will help to convert to ignorance the undeclared, sluggish, fatigue skin, loss of tensile and elasticity, adjust the scattered faces. Yellatin is also used as a skin bleacher, for example, springs or age pigment stains under its influence lose brightness.

Domicile masks with desired effect not only on the skin of the face but also on the hair. I'm telling you how to operate a hair-plate, read here.

Floor masks

  • A refreshing cucumber mask. Half the tea spoon of the powdered food vegetation pours 0, 5 glasses of cold water and waits until it wakes up completely. After that, we need to heat on the stove before it is completely dissolved, but we need to get the solution to the boiling extreme. ♪ ♪
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