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Dry Skin Cream

Any dry and sensitive skin cream shall meet the following requirements: deep humidity of the skin, removal of the fatal cheeks, feed the skin, encourage the regeneration of cells and create a film that prevents moisture evaporation. Very dry skin worms usually do not contain hormones, nor should they contain blows and perfumeral composites capable of causing allergic reactions.

Dry skin under increase

Dry skin

Dry and sensitive skin cream may include the following components:

  • Ceratolytics are substances that ease and remove the measured bruises: dairy, lemon, apple acid, salic acid, urea, rezorcine;
  • nutrients and regeneratives: vitamins A, B, E, C, C, PP, d-pantenol;
  • Affective and anti-flammatory substances: naphthalan, obsessed, berena, zinc pyrition, ecclesiastical, melysses, soul mates, majesty, chavoi, flap, crusts and snobs;
  • wetting substances: olive, almond, blind, sunflower, lung oil, bear, barswill, sheep fat, lanolin, hyalulonic acid.

But the main component of any dry leather cream is the Humecants. These are substances which contain moisture on the surface of the skin cover and prevent its dehydration. The artists are divided into hygrospics and filmmakers.

Geroscopic Humecants connect and retain water molecules in the depth of the skin. They include collagine, hyaluronic, dairy and pyrrolidoncardic acid, urea. They look after skin at depth levels by superficial (crims) or deep (injection) application.

The oils, fats, waxes are humecans forming a hydrophobic film on the skin surface. Among the film hydrates, glycerine is a mixture of alcohol and fatic acids used as a basis for cream. Glycerin contributes to the updating of cells, prevents the dehydration of skin, gives her velvetity, regulates exchange processes.

Ceratolic Therapy is necessary with very dry skin, especially when the neck is expressed. However, mechanical scrubbing or pillings with fruitic acids are counteracted in the sensitive skin, as these are more sensitive to the skin. Smooth and cherish can be removed with creams consisting of, urea, salicide, beard or glycolium acid. However, these preparations, in addition to the ceratolytic, have susceptible effects, so when used, wet mask or cream must be applied to the skin.