Приготовление крема для увядающей кожи лица в домашних условиях

Household Cream

Крем в домашних условияхWe offer your attention the excellent prescriptions of a humid and nutritious cream for a face in a home environment. They will help solve the many concomitant problems. All ingredients that are part of plant creams can be easily purchased in pharmacies or specialized web-based magasines. The vegetation components that are part of the vegetation mix are excellent and have a very favourable impact on the skin. In a short time of use, you will see an improvement in the appearance of skin.

Home-based winter feeding cream

You must have noticed that not only the surgeling sun could damage the skin and cause loss of tonus, as well as premature wrinkling. From the winter colds, our skin suffers no less. During the cold period, it blends, flaps and drys. In winter time of the year, a cream with a more saturated and nutritious basis is needed, preferably with the presence of valuable skin oils.

krem-dlja-lica-v-domashnih-uslovijah2We'll tell you how to make a perfectly natural, nutrient cream to care for the skin of a face in winter. Our cream has moisture and nutrient properties and is suitable for any type of skin and even for the softest and most sensitive. In short, for the whole family. Cream is 100 per cent natural and skin-friendly, which guarantees effective care and exceptional benefits.

Description and usefulness of the components of the cream.

The oil is famous for its rich chemical composition, humidizes and softens the skin, removes the inflammation. It's good for sensitive, dry and dissolved skin. If you need a more fat cream, use cocoa oil instead of the shi oil. Emilcion wax is used in virtually any cosmetics. It is a professional and hypoallergenic cosmetics ingredient. Gives the cremus a more homogeneous consistance, and the skin is infinite softness and elasticity. Mind oil protects and repairs skin, well absorbed without leaving greasy glazing. Blind oil also contains many vitamins and minerals necessary for beauty and skin shining. The oil of the neroly, besides its very pleasant smell, has a good impact on the vessels.

The preparation will require:

  • shi or cocoa butter.
  • Eulcion wax 0, 5 p.m.
  • I don't know what I'm saying.
  • almond oil 1 p.m.
  • 10 caps
  • 7 caps