Как избавиться от целлюлита: предотвратить, победить и

Pulp Cream

целлюлит 1.jpgEvery fourth young girl after 15 years, as well as every second woman, has signs of pulp after 30 years. What is in fact an orange crust and, most importantly, how to fight it, April has decided to deal with it.

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Cellulites are a change in the structure of fat tissue due to disruption of the organism exchange processes. The development of pulp is usually linked to hormonal alterations - sexual maturity, pregnancy, menopause, as well as genetics, in a small way of life (especially long in one pose), harmful habits (smoking, alcohol).

Even fashion trends influence the emergence of pulp. For example, wearing high heels and wooling clothes that prevent natural bleeding. Cellulitis are also displayed with age, as collagina fibres are weakened with age and contain skin deformation.

The defect doesn't show up suddenly, it's been developing for a certain time, so you can and should fight it, including with cream.

Anti-celloling means are capable of dispersing the fat accumulated in cells and then prolonging it by improving the circulation of blood. Creams and helium are not only suited to those who want to lose, but also to those who have already lost but cannot cope with problems such as skin, stretches, shirts and pulp.

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Components of creams prevent the delay of water in tissues and thus combat pulp and dependence, thereby reducing body volumes. It should be noted that only quality creams and helium operate.

In selecting the cream, it is particularly important to draw attention to active ingredients in its composition. The basic rule, however, is that the closer the component is to the beginning, the more it is contained. I mean, if the ingredient is listed somewhere at the end, and the manufacturer states that the cream is based on it, its effectiveness is questionable.целлюлит 7.jpg If the component is in the middle, it's a good sign. At the same time, his number should not only be effective, but also be safe.

The most efficient and fast-acting ingredients include caffeine, acute peppers, burial algae, laminaria and ginger. Drilling algae and laminaria are responsible for the removal of the excess fluid from the cells, the excruciation by burning deeply penetrates the subcutaneous layer and improves hemorrhaging, the ginger produces drainage and prevents the emergence of plants, and the caffeine accelerates the fat extraction from cells.

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Fruit abstracts, such as pineapples, Guaranas and papaya, are responsible for improving the circulation of blood and accelerating the exchange of substances.

At least an important point in choosing a curtain is his ability to look after skin. Such powerful ingredients, such as caffeine and peppers, should " soften " additional moisture and nutrient components in the form of grass oils and extracts.

Как пользоваться кремами от целлюлита, чтобы действительно постройнетьThey also positively influence cells and not only make the use of cream more pleasant but also improve the appearance of skin.

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Among the custodian components, for example, argan oil, anarchy extraction, green tea, red wine - they have humid and defensive effects, tighten the skin and dry vitamins, and mineral and marine salts remove sludges.

A critical condition for the use of anti-cellulose cream is the systematic obsolescence of dead skin cells. You can choose any comfortable pyling or scrub for you. This will increase the infiltration of cream in the skin and, consequently, the effect.

After this " cleanup " , it will be useful to make light massage of the body ' s problem areas. You can do it with a tough sleeve, a cheek or a special skating massage. The procedure will accelerate hemorrhaging and lymphote, so the active components contained in the cream will start working faster.

It's very important, and it's the right thing to do. Legs and thighs: make pulling motions downwards, from knee to hip. Then we're a little pushy to feel the pressure on our feet.

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