Отбеливающий крем для лица в домашних условиях: приготовление

House Cream

Cream "Fucky Puff" for Marlen Dietrich's blind skin!

Marlene has been fresh and almost perfect for a long time. How did a famous Hollywood actress escape the wrinkles? There's a recept.

Dietrich himself called her "Fucker Puff." It is easily absorbed, leaves no fat marks, eats and eases the skin, and produces a small brating effect. Actress used house cream not only for the face, but also for the body. Especially the product's output is about 300 grams. Keep the equipment in the refrigerator and, above all, keep it safe. Natural Space No one in the house has gotten through the sauce cream.

You're going to need some egg squirrel, a glass of fat, a small lemon juice, 50 grams of vodka and a glycerin tablet. All the constituents are carefully mixed and the magical scab is ready to preserve the youngness of the skin.
It's best to make a composition on the skin after the shower. You can do it in a bathhouse or a sauna, between the steaming.