Салициловый пилинг в домашних условиях


Recognize the exact cost of the procedures you need and sign up for consultation, or call our 24-hour number.

Piling history starts in ancient Egypt. At that time, he was popular not only among the real people, but also the ordinary people. Why would people need this procedure?

What hurts our skin today?

Unfortunately, life in Moscow is not only a major financial opportunity, but also a negative impact in the form of regular stress, unfavourable ecology, abhorrent climatic conditions with temperature changes.

This affects not only our mood and psychological state, but also our common sense. It also hurts our skin.

The air-conditioners are dry, wind and brainstorms don't restore skin, the absence of sun within 6-8 months means a vitamin D deficiency... Besides, with age, the cell regeneration process is slowing down, and there are wrinkles.

Why do we need a piling face?

When we grow up, our skin becomes harder to fight pollution. Problems of self-treatment arise, sprays are closed, and inflammatory processes often occur.

Piling face - the immediate removal of dead cells and vegetated tissues and the purification of contaminated times (including black points). Most importantly, the pyling is intensifying regeneration and self-purification processes.

The Pprocedure envisages:

  • safe skin cleansing;
  • Nutrition and authority;
  • Tonus improvement;
  • a small brating effect and the spread of small wrinkles;
  • Treatment of heating disease and ankne;
  • equate the relay after post.

Pylings for face

Professional pylings are divided into hardware (e.g. laser or ultrasonic) and cosmetics (in their composition, different acids: glycol, trichloroux, almond, river).

Pilings also share the depth of intrusion and exposure to skin.

  1. The light touches only the surface layer.
  2. The intermediary touches the middle layer. It's perfect for the skin.
  3. Deep is often drugged. It's a beautiful rejuvenation effect, but it's extremely painful.

Piling is always a cosmetologist. We can always get free counseling to look after your face.

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