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Domestic Anti-Sules

обертывания в домашних условияхThere are many ways to fight pulp. One of the most effective ones is the cure. This procedure can be conducted in a home setting, and soon you'll notice a reduction of two, five cm!

The irrigation increases microcirculation of blood, stimulates lymphodrene, removes fluid from tissues, reduces fat sediments.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding cannot be performed. Nor is this procedure recommended for those who have problems with receptacles and skin diseases.

The time of vents depends on the composition used and on the individual susceptibility between 30 and 60 minutes.

  1. Cleopatra recept
    Thanks to your unique composition, Me. It's beautifully regenerating the skin, helping remove the excess fluid. Milk's glowing, moisting, eating skin.

    Connect a few st. l. meda and 2-3 st. l. warm milk. The number of products is regulated until you get the Consistence of the dense estimates. The honey should be fresh.обертывания в домашних условиях Massage movements with light-flapsed, put a mixture into a troubled place and take it with a film.

  2. Gluene servitude
    The pharmacy sells various kinds of clay: blue, green, pink, black. The anti-cellulative effect expressed is blue glin, it also enhances the exchange processes in the skin and has anti-flammatory properties. Just scout her warm water and put her in troubled parts of the body.
  3. Apple servitude
    Seize apple oxy of water in a ratio of 1:1 and wash it with the skin. Get the food film.
  4. Save Life
    Spread two pieces of black chocolate on the water bath. The warm mass is put on the skin and take the tape. The Chocolate is very thinning and tightening the skin, stimulating the process of synthesis of collagina and elastic. After the regular use of chocolate cords, the effect of the brathing is secured!
  5. Ogonek
    The mild ginger mix with the olive butter, put the pasta on the skin. You can use the new root of the ginger, put it on the small terrace. Fat incineration occurs faster with the heating effect of the ginger.