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Domestic Skin Scarf

How do you keep skin smoothness, purity and youth? Helps domestic micro-dermabrazy!

What associations usually arise in the words “healthy skin”? That's right, it's skin without black spots and dusty, without red stains and pygmentation, without silencing and ground color. Unfortunately, in today ' s world, it is very difficult to keep skin healthy, as constant stress and poor ecology have a devastating effect on it. It is therefore very important to ensure that skin is fully cared for and cleaned, and cosmetic means do not always yield the desired results.

Cosmetologists are one of the methods that can deal with many skin problems and even slow the appearance of age, referred to the complete quality of the person that many beauty parlors are offering to date. But there is an alternative to costly procedures - a home micro-dermabrazia, a method that gives excellent results even in the hands of a non-professional.

Micro-brazia: What is this? A little bit about method.

Micro-dermabrazia is a mechanical leather pyling with abrasive substances that quickly and efficiently remove the upper skin layer, leaving the younger, fresh tissue. Impact efficiency such a pyling Professionals put between the enzyme and the chemical piling. The admiration of the method is that skin sliphage does not damage the deep layers, which means that it does not require a rehabilitation period, and it is very rare that there is no unpleasant feeling.

By taking down the upper layer of skin, microdermabrazia improves the oxygen saturation of leather, equals skin tone, removes pigmental stains and helps sharply refresh and update the skin. The course of procedure results in an express stand-alone result, as the updated skin is much more effective, absorbs cosmetics, leathers (including rubbers), smelts the skin.

Rio Crystal Renew

The constant purification of the skin by special micro crystals gives a healthy face, refreshes and spreads the skin, sharply equals it and fights the postcane shirts, helps to handle the comedians and the hotshot.

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