Домашние крема для лица - как приготовить натуральный крем в

Domestic Cream Production

This article has been written for a very long time because it was very important for us to gather maximum information and to approach the subject as objectively as possible, which is difficult because we are very categorical about this issue. It's either done or not, to judge you.

Today, we want to raise one very and very controversial topic - is it possible to make a cosmetics for home-based care? On the one hand, there are very many types of in-kind handwriting that have long been used only by their products, on the other hand, many " against " arguments. In order to identify " who is right " , we have approached the experienced creams, as well as specialists with interns who have travelled from home-based cream to industrial-level funds.

Notice that this is not about all the handwriting, namely, face creams and other means where there is a link between the oil-water-emulgator. First, we'll give our opinion and then we'll add to his professional opinion.



1. You know the composition 100%.
2. You can only use safe ingredients (including natural ones).
3. You can use the test method to find exactly the kind that is perfect for your skin.
4. You don't have to use powerful and aggressive conservatives because you can make a new breed of cream every month.
5. The composition of domestic creams is certainly " richer " of their industrial analogs. For the same price, you can get a cream with much more expensive assets and more dosage, as you don't have to pay for equipment, personnel, certification, research and advertising.


1. In the kitchen, you'll never get the same sterility as in the lab or the lab.
2. Domestic cosmetics are virtually non-tested and, above all, there is no multi-year use. Given that many products produce first-rate results at the beginning of application and in the long term harm is a serious argument.
3. The cremation is much more difficult than the soap of manual work (even if it is soap from scratch) and there is much less information on the topic. The information that can be trusted is also the Krauts. The units have an appropriate education.
4. In addition, it is not enough to learn once, and there is a need for continuous improvement to keep up with the latest technologies and to be aware of the latest developments and modern components in the market.