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Piling Or Scrub

♪ To make the nails look beautiful, healthy and professional, they need regular care. But sometimes there's no time for that. These councils will help keep the nails in order!

♪ Acquisition of reinforced vitaminized nail coating. Use it once a week. You will see how the defects and all the shortcomings in the form of disintegration and fracture will be addressed.

♪ Don't touch the skin around the nails and the kutikul. When the skin is often removed, it starts to grow faster, which means the appearance of the manicure is falling. Carefully remove the kutikul, but don't cut it.

∙ Mini Manicure in the shower. When you take a shower or a bath, don't forget to clean up your nails. Hot soul makes skin softer. All right, we can remove the kutikul with a special stick. Then wet your hands and skin around your nails.

♪ Sleep therapy. A few times a month, give your skin a nutritious sleep procedure. In front of your bed, squeeze your hands and nails with a fat nut cream, put on special gloves from natural tissue all night. In the morning when you take a shower.

♪ A hand scrab can be used almost daily. Domestic work, washing dishes and cleaning hands can be rude. Massage your hands once a day using pyling or scrub.

French manicure. You don't have to use lanes for French manicure as well as colorful lacs. Get a special white pencil and paint your fingernails on the other side and on the edge. It'll save time to cover the nails.

♪ Pay attention to balanced food. There must be fruit, vegetables, nuts, water in your diet.