Домашний антицеллюлитный крем: рецепты, отзывы

Anti-Cellulite Cream At Home

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Горячие и холодные обертывания против целлюлита. Антицеллюлитное обертывание дома

Anti-cellulose servitudes

Abandonment is the latest salon procedure, which includes an integrated skin care bodies. Today, surgeries have become one of the most popular tools to fight pulp. Creams, lotions, masks based on marine dirt and algae are most commonly used as " reactive " means. Active substances (water extraction with phyto-extrates) encourage bleeding, accelerate the removal of slags and toxins, increase skin tone, help her quickly recover, retract her turmoil and freshness. Modern retention techniques are a complex set of procedures, with a single mechanism to influence the problem of pulp.

Aims and meaning of anti-cellulative servitude

In a professional language, the main purpose of retention can be defined as a " one-way maximum reduction in body volumes " . In turn, processes that are " triggered " during the procedure help to speed up the exchange processes of the subcutaneous cage, reduce the heat transfer from the skin surface and increase the intrinsic capacity of the useful substances to the deeper leather and subcutaneous fat cells.

The wrap-up procedure is that there's a special combination of troubled places, then this place is turned into a special film, you're covered with blankets, and about half an hour you enjoy life. Then the composition is changed.

Specialists dealing with these procedures will not fail to recover as a very effective method, even though a well-established pre-training procedure for a minimum of three days of routine anti-celling masses may ultimately result in a loss of volumes on the thick and thighs of about 1, 5-2, 5 cm per day. It must be borne in mind, however, that the mere wrapping of the pulp will not be defeated and, moreover, not riddled of extra centimeters.

American experts explain this because the process of extracting liquid from the organism occurs with the participation of veal glands rather than devastating the contents of fat cells. So, together with then, you can really lose a litre of fluid, but by drinking a couple of glasses of water, you can get that loss. The "great healing" from obesity for one seance that you're given with sweet speeches from the expensive beauty salon administrators is really happening. But, alas, not by destroying the fat, but by leaking the excess water from the tissue, which, in fact, adds to you unnatural centimetres.