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Piling Face Calcium Chloride

Save yourself!

1. A good means of pasta Sulsen- from the perhote, to prevent its appearance and to feed and grow hair. There's about 50 rubles in the pharmacy.
2. Eph. Lavanda mass - add a few drops to the hair air conditioner - the hair doesn't fall long. It's 30 roubles.
3. Repetitive. It's a leather head stimulant. There's all the extras of grass and oil that improve hair growth and strengthen it. It's 44 roubles, but it's really small.
4. Rapid hair spray - oil vitamins A and E, lemon juice, Dimexid pharmacy - all two tea spoons, interfering and polyethylene for an hour. The hair grows very fast, really burns a little bit.
5. Blind butter mask
When the hair is cured, wipe the roots every day 2 hours before washing hot butter in a drip mix. To bite a tape and a towel. Hold 1-2 hours, clean the shampoo.
To accelerate hair growth, make 2 times a week with the addition of 1 tea spoon Dimexida in hot blind oil. Dimexid is a foreign-use drug that helps to penetrate drugs and vitamins deeper into the skin at the cellular level. Blind butter in itself accelerates hair growth, and in mixtures it helps to grow hair by 3-4 cm per month! If you notice that your hair is smacked with butter, then after the mask, put it in a apple ox with half-water.
6. Good hair mask - 2 stacks of cognac plus honey spoon + egg yellow + oil repic. 30 minutes in the hat. The hair doesn't go off, it's blossom... to crawl with a weld or a rum. ♪ ♪
7. The stiffness of the pepper as a means to strengthen the hair: 1:1 with pot oil (possible and repicy, but my hairdresser said it to me with the potter) - I'm good in a bottle of half an hour of paint with an obsessive nose (and so make it more comfortable) and I'm putting on the roots, I'm a little bit of rubber.
Hot pepper stimulates hemorrhaging and increases the operation of castor oil. Helps with the hair out, especially the winter suspension, sometimes I use it once a week in trouble.

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