Пилинг салициловой кислотой в домашних условиях — Элит ковка

Piling Salicide Acid In The Home

Свойства салицилловой кислотыFrom the beginning of the use of the drug, the active substance has been able to extract from the veil. A little later, the scientists started synthesizing it in simpler ways. The breeding of salicide acid was known in the treatment of rheumatism. Later, the pharmacology presented a number of modern, effective medicines, which discouraged old proven methods. Since then, salic acid has become used exclusively in dermatology.

Active substance is an orthoxibene acid. Preparation takes the following forms:

  • Acid solution 1% and 2% concentration;
  • 2 per cent of the active substance;
  • Spiritual solution (1 per cent-10% of concentration);
  • Lassara pasta (in combination with zinc).

Salicyl acid has properties:

  • The distractor, which reduces discomfort and local manifestations in the form of a pond;
  • Locally damaging, increasing the microcirculation of blood in the field of use;
  • anti-inflammatory - buys inflammation, reduces glass, pain;
  • Ceratoplastic - contributes to the dispersal of inflammatory infiltration, re-establishes the upper skin;
  • Ceratolytic - aggravates the excess corn layer of leather, possesses obscurant properties;
  • anti-septic is fighting a few microbial cells.

Antimicrobial and susceptible acid products are shown in low concentrations. As a rule, the percentage used is not more than 2 per cent. Ceratolic action is visible at higher percentages of active substance (50 per cent).

Application of salicide acid solution

Таблетки с салициловой кислотой от прыщейSailic acid has a wide range of uses. The increased bleaching and equatoria requires the use of acidic acidic acid in addition to salicide. In the case of painful skin conditions, where elevated vegetation leads to the development of genestones, irrigation is carried out skin colour 1-2% solvent.

1 per cent of the solution for salic acid is used for the following diseases and pathological conditions:

  • Red heating (whipping solution);
  • Skin cream;
  • Ops;
  • Mosols;
  • Excessive thresholds;
  • ulcer education;
  • Piodermiy;
  • Dermatites of different origins;
  • It's rheumatism.

Psoriasis treatment requires the use of 2 per cent of salic acid. High concentrations of the equipment are necessary in the errheasis, cut-offs, theirthiosis.

It's important! A small amount of salicial acid is part of a range of medicines (mose, creams, pastes) that are used in the treatment of beards and mosles.
Применение раствора салициловой кислоты Салициловая кислота от прыщей