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Dry Skin Cream In The Home

Saturday, 18 March 2017

The spirits are used in the household for a variety of purposes, both local and domestic. Such medicines are good that they are manufactured from natural ingredients, have a positive effect on the organism, and only one negative moment is alcoholic. The use of antsy alcohol in back pain is unusually popular, but this product is not applicable in other cases. Which one? We'll see what an antsy alcohol is for.

Moravian alcohol is what?

Муравьиный спирт для чего применяется_муравейMoravian alcohol is a healing medicine consisting of an antsy acid with a low concentration of 1, 4 per cent. This means that 1 litre of ethyl alcohol with 70% concentration only takes 14 grams of ants. Mostly in pharmacies, they offer to buy a medicament dishonoured in a glass bottle containing 50 ml of treatment.

The product presented is liquid, per species, transparent, has a transparent liquid consortium with a brightly visible alcoholic smell. The media can be used for certain assignments, but it is often used as a combination of masks, healing fluids.

Муравьиный спирт для чего применяется_от прыщейAcid was received for the first time in the 17th century, English scholar J. Ray was able to separate it from the wooden ants, from here and the name.

Moravian alcohol: composition and origin

Given that it is a drug dissolved in alcohol, its composition, of course, consists of ethanol and purest antsy acid. So a bottle of 100 ml has a content:

  • ethanol 98, 6 ml;
  • antsy acid 1, 4 ml.

Moravian alcohol will not be a job in every pharmacy, and the price is low for all.
Liquid acid in pure form in a weak concentration is found in a number of plants - snoring, swabs, fruit stoves, cream, chere, malina, insect irons (bees, ants, silkoporars), for which it serves as a protective weapon.