Ночной крем своими руками в домашних условиях: рецепты

My Face Cream With My Hands

The city heat is causing more skin problems than long winter cold. A number of the summer - sun - sun - sun - could continue to be painted - pigmentation - inflammation. I've found natural ways to destroy this associated line.


The foreign bloggers are discussing the future horrors of the summer season. It's like face tonics and cream tonics work badly, and it's time to replace them with something natural.

The famous bloger Robert Kehatan says, "Take a cosmetics alone is a good taste, just like cooking food at home. You certainly know that there will be no conservatives and painters in that cremate or mask. It's much cheaper and more efficient.” Colding the improvised cosmetics in the summer was the nature of the vow, because there are many seasonal products.

“Of course, there is a means that makes no sense, and even dangerous, to do at home, "Alice Vasiliev's cosmetologist, for example, aggressive pilings. I know some girls are experimenting with hormonal masks like hydrocortisone, acetic acid, and even Calcium chloride♪ You don't have to play domino chemistry and try to create a unique and effective tool in your kitchen. But trying to make a mask of natural products, face tonic, light scrub, interesting and useful. The summer is the best time.”

I'm fully supportive of Alice, hoping that you can create a superantiage, rather naive. But for the summer's skin problems, fruit and vegetable recipes are good. I've chosen the most interesting from naturalopathy and aurved. All exotic ingredients I mention can be purchased, for example, at Indian Secretaries, Himalaya, Jagannat and Radhika.

It must be remembered that natural resources inevitably have a less pronounced effect than purchases, as they do not contain active substances in a mad concentration. It is therefore necessary to use them regularly, 2-3 times a week, to achieve results. I don't think it's too exhausting, even though almost all the mixtures are one-time and only fresh.