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Space With Their Hands

By choosing between expensive cosmetics and natural beauty recipes, I asked for help from the grass. And from her with a bunch of prescriptions, she went to the cosmetologist to find out how effective they were.

It's sad, but every month I get a tenth of my paycheck. And my grandma was a young man with a face of cream butter instead of cream and a wheat flour. It's, of course, too extreme for me. But you're going to have to dig some grass, not French helmet, why not?

In search of simple village recipes, I went to an acquaintance of grass, Antonina Vorobieva, in the village of Zaytsuvo Kaluz province. At 65, Antonina's breathing and looking good. " Russian women found everything necessary to maintain their beauty in the garden and in the field " , Antonin asserts. I learned a lot of recipes from her, but most of them didn't really bother me. And before I wash my head with lipstick bread, I decided to consult a specialist.

Ekaterin Skvortsov's cosmetologist let me down from heaven to earth: "Babushions of beauty recipes are very attractive because of their simplicity and cheapness, but their effectiveness is low. For them to work, we need not only to wash their pits, but also to live in an ecologically clean area, to drink water from a natural source, to eat vegetables and fruit from their garden. In addition, the grass councils will not come to all because of the individual inability of the components. For example, an allergy on copper, strawberries and even rumish is often found. "

At my request, Catherine commented on some of herb prescriptions.

Hair growth tape

Herb recept: Cut some garlic tooths and put your head on the skin. It's in an hour.

Opinion of cosmetologist: "The blood from the garlic mask is really pouring into hairy bulbs. But it's not gonna make a big difference, because the hair problems are mostly due to malnutrition and disorder in the body. If the hair falls out, we need to find the root of the problem. Also, even after one garlic mask, a strong smell will be kept in the hair for about a month. "