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With Your Hands

face-creams (600x600, 186Kb)Saturday, 04 March 2017

Any woman chases youth. It's been 20 years since we've been trying to support skin with special creams, make masks, pylings and snorms. But it's not always effective. I want to use the most natural components, but there are often cremated creams at shops. We don't know how ingredients work on the body.

For our calm, we've come up with popular medicine, whose archive has created a huge amount of magic recipes that can make impossible with skin and hair. Such creams are easy to do with their hands at home.
Recipe for iodine resin cream (with bleaching effect) This defensive cream eases the skin, makes it elastic, removes the pull and silos. The characteristics of cream such as skin bleaching can be emphasized separately: springs and birth stains become brighter and undetectable. The recipe is amazing!

To prepare this defensive with your hands. We'll need a honey in dosage 1, a table spoon, a tea spoon, a pair of iodine and a table spoon of cattor oil.

The cream is very simple:
We'll drop one to two drops of iodine, one to two drops, no more!
Then we add honey, vaseline and castor oil, everything is fine.

With yoid in this mixture, one or two drops are enough. Otherwise, instead of a shining young skin, you'll get a yellow one that'll be gone within 24 hours.

The role of iodine is not just an early recovery. He's also actively fighting the wrinkles. Strictly follow the dosage specified in the prescription. Yode is suitable for all skin types and can be applied in the following problems:

  • Achne, warm drip, dwarfs.
  • Pigment stains.
  • Existing wrinkles and prevention.
  • Mills.
  • No tone.