своими руками рецепты приготовления

With His Hands

The Cream for Hands will certainly love every girl!


  • A developing and learning set for child creativity and experimentation, without mechanisms.
  • The kit is designed to create a cream-gel for strawberries.

The recruitment includes:

  • Geographical
  • Agrin
  • almond oil
  • Extra Roma
  • aromatic
  • mixing capacity
  • Binding stick
  • gloves
  • Measles
  • Cream banana
  • stickers
  • Instruction


The calibre is carbopole; the argin; the almond butter; the rum exc; the hypoalleric cosmetical extraction of the Blunt 007-669; the mixing device, the polypropylene bin; the mixing stick - tree; the PVC; the gloves - polyethylene.

Storage and care conditions: Dry-proof room.

Attention! Don't let the children under three! Keep an open box outside the reach of children and domestic animals. Make sure the components of the kit don't fall into the mouth, the digestive system, the skin and the sliding casings. If that's the case, clean up the affected area with a lot of water and get a doctor.