Крем вокруг глаз своими руками в домашних условиях: рецепты

Cream With His Hands

Солнцезащитный крем своими руками из натуральных средствMost sun creams contain toxic ingredients or chemicals that destroy the endocrine system, which in many cases can contribute to the development of skin cancer and the production of free radicals in the organism. In fact, the incidence of skin cancer has increased since the use of sunscreen. Many reports indicate that Most sunscreen actually increases the risk of skin cancer.♪ To avoid using harmed ingredients, it makes sense to produce natural sun-protection. with your hands.which lacks dangerous components and which will carry out protective functions as necessary.

Of course, we can get ready natural and safe sunscreen, but it's not that simple. In regular stores, such cosmetics are rare.

There's no evidence that sunscreen prevents skin cancer.

The International Agency for the Study of Cancer (IAI) recommends that clothing, heads and shadows be used as the basic protection against the sun, and argues that sun protection should not be used to prevent skin cancer and as the only means of protecting against the sun. The U.S. Food and Drug Quality Supervision Office (FDA) stated in 2007 that: " The FDA does not find evidence that sunscreen prevents skin cancer " . Details of the damage to sunscreen can be read in this article.