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Wet Cream With His Hands

In search of an effective and safe body cream, one of us is going to the pharmacy or the store, and someone is going to their own kitchen. Both of them are right. On the one hand, ready creams have a balanced composition, and before reaching the shelves, they were tested and packed in convenient flasks. On the other hand, in the case of home cream, we can accurately say what it's made of to be sure of the freshness of the ingredients. About making a body cream. with your hands., why start the " production " of domestic cosmetics is the one that needs to be known, said.

Regulations for home cream

It's hard to make a good cream on your own. But if you follow the prescriptions and the basic rules, you'll feel the texture, and you'll be fine. It's better to start with body cream or batter. They are more likely to be mixed because they are based on fat products and a small amount of water or weed. It is easy to learn because only three or four components are needed to create the majority of body creams. And if something goes wrong, it'll be easy to know where the mistake is.

The general rule of mixing is that the solid components, such as wax, then add tractor and liquid, such as copper, glycerin, oil. At the end, welds or water are added. It's good to mix homogenes. So all solids before the cream is prepared need to be heated. It's most convenient to do this with a steam bath, so they won't burn and retain their maximum value. Fuzzy is to blemish, preferably to dust, a coffee grinder will be appropriate.

You did the right thing if the mixture got homogeneous. To this end, it is most likely to be worn to complete cooling and to comply strictly with temperature conditions.

And the last thing you're going to do is sterile.