Подставка для косметики своими руками

A Space Pole With His Hands

If you have a bowl, tubes, a box of cosmetics is getting bigger, you've probably started thinking about where to keep all this cosmetics. I mean, I need her to always be in her hand and not be in the way. We forget that we've had six shades of beard paw for fingernails, and we're buying a new one just because the old ones haven't come to our eyes for a long time.

In order not to lose sight of the beloved paw, gloss, lipstick or shadow, the cosmetics must be properly arranged and carefully stored in perfect order. How do you do that?

Where to keep the cosmetics: professional boxes, cabs, bars. ♪ ♪

First of all, you'll be given professional " stores " for cosmetics. These include beuti-kises, containers, bags, suitcases.

Butikes are suitcases for the transport and storage of cosmetics, varying sizes, with built mirrors, pens and wheels, have several compartments, pockets to distribute cosmetics properly. They're usually set. The price depends on the size and company representing the case.

Where to store cosmetics: 11 ideas

Buti-containers or cosmetics storage boxes have several compartments specifically for pomad, cream, shadows, also different sizes, shapes and species. Depending on the number of cosmetics, one or more beuti-boxes may be purchased. Containers can be placed on the table, on the shelf, in the locker. They are made of plastic, usually transparent, so the cosmetics you love can easily be found in this space. Containers are very comfortable in operation, easily transported and washed, and they do not occupy many places.

Space bags for travel like professionals and amateurs. They are discharged from watertight tissue, cut and stowed, taking the shape of the chip. The vacation space in such a bag is a genre classic. There are many rooms in the bags for various cosmetics. There's a built-in hussy to put all the turkey on the door or whatever you want.

Where to store cosmetics: interesting ideas

The blue boxes we can do on our own, and there's a few ideas for Hend Meida lovers.

The role of the boutie-box could be a beautiful box from candy or gift, so you don't have to throw them away. They have different sizes and shapes. This way, you can put both decorative cosmetics and nail lacs, displaying them either on the colours of rainbows or on seasonal trends.

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