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Deep Pyling Of The Face In The Home

Any woman dreams of a beautiful and healthy skin, but she doesn't know how to make it that way.

But today it is difficult to protect skin from adverse environmental conditions. Black spots on the face are a problem with almost every lady. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to find money and time to visit a professional cosmetologist. Therefore, by weighing everything for and against and by carefully examining the process of mechanical cleansing of the skin of a person, it is possible to do so at home.

Why do you need it?

Ugri, or scientifically, comedy, has more than 80 per cent of the megapolis. And it's partly their way of life.

Our glands are constantly distributing a special oily substance that protects skin from intersections and environmental impacts. Being on the surface of the skin, it is mixed with horns.

Ideally, the skin should be cleared on its own. But under stress, hormonal failures, non-normal diet and internal disease, the development of leather is increasing. And the cell renewal cycle, on the contrary, is slowing down. Ultimately, the glands cease to function normally, increase in size, and black points appear on the surface.

Because the comedians are deep inside, creams and masks are not always able to remove them. To lighten the skin of life and to make it smooth, only deep cleaning of her face.

Important rules

Cleaning Home Two rules must be strictly observed.

First, all manipulations in the face cleaning must be carried out only on carefully purified skin and perfectly washed hands to avoid any infection.

Secondly, a clean-up procedure cannot be carried out if there are flares on the skin, unexplained pimps, unsuccessful wounds or other visible skin diseases. This could lead to further inflammation.

Be very careful if there are inflammatory ears or open wounds on the skin. Wait for their full recovery, washing your face with a wattt tampon, with purified lotion or cosmetic milk. Don't ever squeeze the ogres so you don't get the infection. It's best to dry them with salicial alcohol or tea tree oil. And when the ogres go, start cleaning your face regularly from the black spots. That's the only way you can prevent a new inflammatory process.


Before mechanical cleaning is done, the skin must be properly prepared.

Right before purification, you need to know what kind of skin you have. Cosmetologists have four types: normal, fat, dry and mixed. The most delicate cleaning is for the dry skin of the face. On the contrary, if the skin is fat, it's gonna have to work much harder.