Процедуры для проблемной кожи лица. Ретиноевый желтый пилинг

Pilings For Problem Skin

Three steps to healthy skin: to suppress inflammatory bacteria, normalize gland, remove shirts and stunned stains.

Why does skin become a problem? The reason is in the glands of the skin that lie in its deep layers. The quantity of leather is divided into three types, dry, fat, normal and combined. Bold skin (all face) and combined (T-zone - nose, lobe and chin) are characterized by large glands with a strong leather salad and large mouths that are erroneously referred to as " beef " . Most people believe that these " stakes " or " black spots " are skin irons that should be treated with cream and maze. However, the steels themselves are located deep, in the lowest leather divisions, from there, with a thin, scattered exhaust opening on the surface. Therefore, only creams and lotions for the treatment of deep heatings are often ineffective.

Normally, glands are designed to produce leather to protect and strengthen skin, but under the influence of inadequate care, poor ecology, nutritional characteristics and hormonal backgrounds, their work is disrupted.

Apart from the volume of the leather salad, its thickness is also important. The more secret, the harder it gets out. A stunning secret is literally scattering the walls of iron, which is why the skin is marked by the sealing of different diameters, from small balloons to very large knots that can even change the colour of skin by acquiring a slightly blue shade. Accumulating a common secret attracts bacteria on the skin, because a secret is a beautiful nutritious environment for them. By multiplying, they cause inflammation, pain and skin colouring. When the main defect, a stale accumulation, is not repaired, such a local inflammation can be " scattered " for weeks by forming ears or dusters.

Difficulties worse than a difficult teenager

The proponent of the dust, wishing to dispose as soon as possible of such dubious " jewelry " , often tries to exterminate it, but it doesn't work, because through a narrow salmon, a secret that can't pass. Another option of misappropriation is leather incineration over dust by various solutions, mamas and creams. But they can't penetrate deep leather and open up a long conglomerate. Chronic hair is gradually going through itself, but it has long been synonymous, then brown pigmentation, and often atrophic shirt.