Натуральный шампунь домашнего приготовления - Беременность

Home Preparation

Шампуни домашнего приготовленияThe main advantage of homemade shampoo is that they do not contain chemical components that are consistently present in finished products. You can prepare them yourself from natural ingredients, depending on your type of hair and skin.

By their urine qualities House hair champoos They don't give up the buyer. And by virtue of their usefulness, they might even exceed.


Hot - fat and normal hair

Get two to three table spoons of potato powder in warm water. Put a mixture in the pelvis with warm water. Put your head down in that dissolve and clean your head with your hair.

The goat removes the unpleasant glitter, the hair after it looks clean and shiny, and it grows faster.

Yellow for soft hair

Шампуни домашнего приготовления1st spoon of any shampoo, add to a mixture of 1 yolk and 1 stack of vomit in the powder. Try not to be a comedian.

Put your shampoo on your wet hair, hold 5-10 minutes and clean your hair. Thanks to the blood of protein, hair becomes beautiful and dense.

From the white blade, for the fading hair.

Get a white clay of warm water to the stunning consortium. Put your hair on the wet hair, and, uh, by the way, you can. The procedure can be repeated if necessary. Split your hair with water, adding fresh lemon juice.

The white blade house champoo makes the clothes soft and brilliant. He's gone, his hair stops falling.

Шампуни домашнего приготовленияRage, fat hair

Secure the rusty flour into the cup. Cut her head and dry hair, and then clean up the warm water.

After this washing, the hair looks clean and cool like after we washing a professional shampoo.

Yellow oil for dry hair

Smash the yellow with one o'clock and one oven of olive oil. Wash your hair with a solution.

Such a homemade shampoo makes hair elastic and soft.

Yaic-limon oil shampoo for extra volume

Put 3 beds on the champoo base without steamed additives (produced in pharmacy). Add one egg, one o'clock of lemon juice and a few drops of air oil to your choice.

The hairs after washing become shiny and they buy volume.

Bread for any type of hair

Cut the rusty bread with thin pieces and mix it with the kefier. With dry hair, use the fat kefier 3.2% and add more bread. For fat hair, the cafeter is 1% and the bread is smaller.

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