Как сделать домашнюю декоративную косметику? Рецепты помады, пудры


Рецепт тушь в домашних условиях своими руками на растительной основеHello, dear readers! Today I want to talk about how to make a carcase at home. The carcases were used in ancient Egypt, where another 4,000 years ago, they were used with malahite and other minerals to paint eye and eyebrows. Mostly, the current carcase contains the same basic components as the ancient ones: pigments, oils and wax. However, there are many other components in the proposed carcasses in the market, which may not be safe for health, such substances as parabenes, propylenglycol, aluminium butter, cement 20, benzyl alcohol, etc. At least these ingredients can lead to allergic reactions. More about the harmful components in the cosmetics, I wrote this article.

инструкция по изготовлению туши в домашних условиях своими руками на растительной основеIn fact, a carcase can be cooked at home. with your hands. And it's worth saving. Here I am. Three carcase recipes for lashes that can be made at home. Another Carcase recipe that I really liked can be found here.

Recipients may still be interested in prescriptions of simple, natural means to remove maquilaise from their eyes, and information on how they can be treated daily using only natural means.

The carcass must be elongated, drowned, twisted, darker and divided. The carcase should be suffocated in the eyelashes, but not on the whistle. Once applied, it shall not fall asleep or be blurted.Брусковая тушь в домашних условиях своими руками In fact, it's difficult to meet all these conditions, so in the manufacture of domestic carcasses, you'll probably have to experiment with different prescriptions and the number of ingredients in them. But the result is that a safe cosmetics can be obtained, whose ingredients will be known.