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For a long time, the masters just took her out without knowing the value.

However, the serum is extremely useful to our organism and is widely used for cosmetic purposes.

It's all about serum. It is 93, 7 per cent water and the remaining 6, 3 per cent includes the mass of the most useful substances!

First of all, these are proteins, which, thanks to the indispensable aminosic acids, are involved in the process of sheltering and synthesis of liver proteins. Dairy fat is well absorbed and reinforced by enzymes. And dairy sugar - lactose - prevents fat formation and normalizes stomach-kischen treatment.

In addition, the dairy serum is rich in vitamins of group A, B, C and E, cholein, biotic and nikotino acid, and calcium, magnesium and probes.

How does a serum affect our organism with this composition?

1. Food

The lactosis serum helps to manage the bowel microflor, slows gas and rotates. The serum is recommended to eat to older people, as it reduces salt acid seduction.

2. Vitamin insufficiency and strengthening of immunity

Since the serum contains a large number of waterproof vitamins, it helps to fill vitamin insufficiency and even replaces fruit and vegetable consumption. Dietologists advise to strengthen the immunity to drink every morning a glass of serum.

3. Overweight control

Vitamin B serum is helping to increase the fat and carbon exchange, so the serum is recommended to those who suffer from obesity and lead small life.

4. Stress management and depression

Group B vitamins can also positively influence our emotional state. And the calium helps to resist fatigue, improves memory, concentrates attention. The serum hinders the development of stress hormones and, on the contrary, enhances the production of a hormonal gormone of joy - serotonin.