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Shampoon Home Cosmetics

Dry hair washing:

We're usually my head using water. But there's also a dry way. He's perfect for a moment when you're in a hurry and your hair needs to be cleaned up. Put your hair on a potato bar. In five minutes, wipe the dry towel and scratch it.

Bread hair:

Domestic cosmetics I certainly invented the best recipe for washing my head, that's bread. With rusty bread, cut the crusts, put it in the pot, pour the boil and cover the lid. When the bread goes off, smash it with your hands in the pot. She washed up on her hair, left 5 minutes and washed water. We don't need to wash our hair again. You can plug them with water that adds oxy or lemon juice - 1 dining spoon per litre.

People ' s cosmetics - beetle water from peaches:

People ' s Cosmetics recommend that the peaches be removed quickly with beverages. In a three-litre bank, pour 1, 5 l of cold water and put a cut, purified root of the bee in it. To insist on and use for washing instead of ordinary water. Before we wash some hot water.

Home egg champoo:

Smash two eggs in the dishes, smash the fork, add a little click and wash your head. If the dry hair needs to add a few drops of vegetable oil. If fat is stone oil.

Brick and mother-and-and-macher to wash hair:

When the hair falls and the thick feather with the skin, the head is recommended three times a week to wash the head with a strong sludge from a mixture of snoring leaves and mother-and-mache leaves taken equally.

Cleaning house champoo for hair glazing:

1 hour of potable soda, add champoo in the bulb, use fat hair once a week, dry twice a month. Put a mass movement on the skin and wash your head.