Что же такое органическая косметика? Долой догадки и мифы

What Is Organic Cosmetics

More people choose to be beautiful and healthy. Natural cosmetics♪ In fact, does organic means have no side effects and are so valuable to beauty? We've decided to figure this out, and we've been talking to the cosmetics technology. Katerina Karpova

♪ Coconut butter is very popular right now. Is it really good for skin?

C.C.: Coconut oil base is a maureen fatic acid that has a susceptible properties. If it takes a long time to smash the skin with such butter, it'll dry in time. I don't recommend that we use it all without it. There's a small group of people that suits it. It's better for a European skin type to use butter in mix. For example, if you mix coconut with apricots or vineyards, then it will be beneficial.

♪ Can we replace the cream with oils?

K.K.: You don't have to do commercial tricks. Frequently, oil boxes say they're wet. It's worth knowing the oil doesn't moisten the skin. They create a breathing film, so the vagina, which is already present in the skin, is not so fast evaporated. In cream, oil and water are connected, so they're more efficient.

♪ What is organic cosmetics different from synthetic?

C.C.: Organic cosmetics generally do not contain silicons, paraffins. Skin purification is very important. It's the first stage to start. The skin has the properties of accumulating substances. Sulphates are built instead of their own fat, and as a result, allergies emerge. Natural resources are really right behind skins.

♪ How is it right to keep a natural cosmetics?

I'd rather keep an organic cosmetics jar in the fridge. Natural substances are exposed to oxidation processes. I recommend that the refrigeration contain not only organic means, but also conventional cosmetics. Keeping the bathroom on the shelf is the biggest mistake. It is this facility that creates an environment conducive to bacteria. Even if you close the usual shampoo, there might be microorganisms.

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